Catching up with the people who the Fab 5 has made over.

In six seasons and two spin-offs of Queer Eye, the Fab 5 has changed the lives of some 60 people. That’s 60 insanely quick renovations, 60 Karamo Brown therapy sessions, and at least 60 times we’ve reached for a tissue. But what’s up with the show’s heroes now? See who kept up with their grooming routine and who would happily get styled by Tan France again in the future.

Unfortunately, though the two reunited on the show, Jackson revealed in 2019 that he and Abby divorced once again, saying “the roller coaster ride is over.” In summer 2021, he got in hot water for some political tweets, but in September said that he’s “not talking politics anymore. [He is] still just a lovable Dumb Old Country Boy.”

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