The boys of Queer Eye are eagerly anticipating Season 6, but the creators of the smash Netflix reboot (Scout Productions) are launching a brand new transformation series to pull at your heart strings and make you cheer on the subjects from your couch. Werrrk! follows three charismatic experts (Mat Sanders, Theodore Leaf and Misti Cain -aptly titled the “WerrrkForce”) as they consult with struggling small LA businesses (Bella Doña, Pasquini Coffee and Tailwaggers Dog Grooming among others) helping overhaul their management styles, redesign the work spaces, and at times, the employees themselves.

The series features twelve episodes that are each twenty five minutes or less. The program airs on Mailchimp Presents, where viewers can stream Werrrk! completely free of charge, without ads, and without a login or subscription. As Werrrk! prepares to drop on Mailchimp, I caught up with each member of the cast who gave me a sneak peek at how they’re particular talents and style meshed with their cast members and they gave me some specialized tips direct from the experts….

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