Queer Eye” stars are now entering the Lego world.

The toy company on Tuesday announced its new collaboration with the hit Netflix series. Fans of the show can join the Fab Five with their original Atlanta loft set design. The 974-piece set, launching Oct. 1 and priced at $99.99, includes mini-figure versions of Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski and the show’s lovable dog, Bruley.

“The LEGO world never looked so bright!” the company wrote in a tweet, which included a video announcement of the Lego set.

As an ode to Kathi Dooley, who was given a makeover in one of the show’s most memorable episodes, fans will be also given two miniature figures of her — a before and after — to remake the iconic transformation.

In building the set, buyers will be treated to tributes of each of the Fab Five’s original talents, such as a kitchen island for Porowski, a clothing rack for France, Van Ness’ swivel salon chair and Brown’s couch and scrapbook. The set’s description said the space was “Bobby-approved,” as he helped design the Lego interior.

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