Karamo Brown from Queer Eye would love to see the series continue to unveil more diverse stories, which means sharing experiences from transgender women too.

He recounts Queer Eye‘s original roots, where the series title was Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The Fab 5 was a groundbreaking new concept featuring five gay men who were masters in their professions. The idea was to combine their resources in order to elevate the subject, a disheveled, often white straight man, into a more refined human.

Since the show’s trailblazing inception in 2003, Queer Eye transformed into more of a storytelling series, where new Fab 5 cast members tell the story of a deserving “hero.” The show has become more diverse and hedged beyond the original cut and dry approach of glamming up one white man. And while the series has expanded its reach Brown would love to see it taken even further.

Karamo Brown would love 70 more seasons of ‘Queer Eye’

Brown joked that he’d love to see the series continue for 70 more seasons. “My hope for the future of the show is 70 more seasons because we know Hollywood, they like to cancel sh*t and then you don’t get a check no more,” he shared on The Daily Smile podcast on Wondery hosted by Nikki Boyer…

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