With most of the nation confined to our homes — or under heavy suggestions that we remain there at least — a ton of people have been embarking on home improvement projects. You know, buying new plants that they take care of, reorganizing the place, and throwing up some new paint. The ones who have been fortunate enough to keep their jobs have been buying a few extra odds and ends to have around the house as well. Now the creators of Netflix’s Queer Eye are here to help in those endeavors.

A new collection of 80 pieces inspired by the Queer Eye team is now available at Walmart. With prices between $70 and $599, the range includes everything from end tables to beds and sofas. Press materials say the range is “built to perform and last,” and includes customizable colors and fabric options. Materials include velvet, faux leather, linen, oak wood, and black metal.

With pieces that pull double duty, they are perfect for helping to rework a living room that you already have limited-space in. “Our goal is always to help people be the best version of themselves,” the team said in a statement. “This collection brings that same notion home, with pieces that speak to who you are and how you feel.” And while, no this does not a Bobby Berk makeover make, it is at least a start!

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