Over the last couple of years, executive producers Jennifer Lane and Michael Williams have had their hands full. Working on two new seasons of Queer Eye, as well as a four-episode international season, Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!, the pair have always had an eye toward exciting locations and people with fresh perspectives that the show can celebrate.

Created by David Collins of Scout Productions, the Emmy-winning pop culture phenomenon centers on The Fab Five, a group of “make better” experts that travels from city to city, to shed a light on heroes within various communities, and help them improve upon their already extraordinary lives, by offering insights on grooming, design, culture and lifestyle, fashion, food and wine.

Filming in Kansas City, Missouri and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania between Seasons 3 and 5, with an Austin, Texas-based sixth season on the way, Lane and Williams have had their own mission with Queer Eye, not unlike the Fab Five, taking the experts’ spirit of love and acceptance across America and beyond, in building on an already substantial fan base.

In thinking through their experiences with the Queer Eye reboot to date, the EPs find that the joys of producing the series are essentially the same as they’ve ever been. “We love to touch people with these stories, and that people can open up. We try to just reach out to all groups, and show different ways of life, and how everyone interacts with each other for the good of all,” Williams says…

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