The rebooted television series will be expanded into apparel, bath and body, food and wine, publishing and more.


Scout Productions has appointed Evolution to handle the global brand management and licensing for the re-launch of the “Queer Eye” television franchise.

As part of the consumer products rollout program, Evolution will work with Scout Productions to develop “Quick Essentials,” a range of curated products and services that tie into each of the Fab Five’s specialties–including home and office design products, apparel, bath and body treatments, food and wine products, and publishing.

“‘Queer Eye’ will appeal to fans of the original unscripted series, as well as pop culture fans and anyone who loves fashion, grooming, interior design, culture and food and wine,” says Travis Rutherford, partner and chief revenue officer, Evolution. “The new series will be the epitome of style, taste and class and we are excited about the limitless commercial applications and long-term brand building opportunities for the franchise.”

“Queer Eye” initially premiered in 2003 and saw the first “Fab Five” bursting into straight guy’s homes and into viewers’ living rooms across the globe, changing perceptions and lives with humor and heart. The re-launched series will aim to bring back the “magic” with a new Fab Five armed with a “sense of humor, a lot of heart, and more style, taste and class than ever before.”

The re-launched “Queer Eye” franchise debut globally next year.

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