The next season of the Netflix self-improvement series Queer Eye premieres Dec. 31 and takes the cast to Texas to continue their mission of encouragement and empowerment. Texas native Miranda Lambert has recorded a new song called “Y’all Means All” for the series, a snippet of which can be heard in the show’s teaser. She also dropped the full song and lyric video at midnight on Thursday.

While the Queer Eye ambassadors put on cowboy hats and learn about boot-scooting (“What is a honky-tonk?” Tan France asks at one point) in the teaser, Lambert’s song begins to play. An upbeat tune with some lively Dobro and handclaps, “Y’all Means All” finds Lambert creating a little space for everyone. “If your life is like a tornado, all you need is a smoke and a rainbow,” she sings, before a chorus that drops in a “Yes queen” and a little free-associative wordplay. “Goodwill, Gucci, where my Chattahoochies?”

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