HBO Max’s competition series Legendary is unlike any reality TV you’ve seen before. The show is a dazzling spectacle that immerses you into the world of ballroom. The show has lots of contestants, lots of moves, lots of looks, and—the greatest understatement of them all—lots of attitude. From the eight houses vogueing their way through the competition to the panel of fiercely opinionated judges, there’s more personality in this series than in any other show on the new streaming service.

That’s why Dashaun Wesley is such a standout in Legendary’s very talented crowd. As the show’s resident master of ceremonies, it’s Wesley’s job to keep the show moving, the vibe up, and all the egos in check—which can be difficult considering that the judges don’t mince words when it comes to what they think about the houses.

But this is, quite literally, the gig Wesley was meant to do. Through 20 years of experience in ballroom culture as well as runs on America’s Best Dance Crew and Pose, Wesley’s honed his skills as an emcee and knows how to turn the party, control the crowd, and—if need be—lay down the law. Following Legendary’s grand entrance on HBO Max as part of the new platform’s inaugural lineup, Decider chatted with Wesley about how Legendary brings ball culture to the masses and how we can support the scene from our own homes…

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